Give a Girl the Right Shoes…

And she can conquer 3/4 seasons. Give a girl the right boots so she can conquer the whole year, no matter what Mother Nature has in store…

We’ve all been there… Winter comes out of nowhere and brings with it freezing cold winds and piles of snow up to our waists. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter and all that comes with it (hot chocolate with extra whipped cream, anyone?), but I always have trouble finding boots to wear out that are cute and stylish, yet don’t let my toes freeze-Dear Shoe Designers and Mother Nature, In case you haven’t gathered, I need those! So I went on a quest to find four perfectly stylish-yet practical- boots for winter.

Waterfall boots

I, being a very dramatic person all year round, love to wear shoes with a little flair. I had trouble finding a boot with that same flair… until now. These Waterfall Boots from Nine West have that little bit of drama without being too…out there. I love that they come up a little higher on the leg (see: “piles of snow up to our waists ” above). These can be easily treated to make them waterproof, the suede will keep you warm even on the coldest days, and they even have a hidden zipper-a major time saver. Plus, they’d look amazing under a navy blue dress… #OOTD. *Note* people who are not heel experts may want to steer clear of these and similar styles, surfaces are slippery in the winter. If you’re dead-set on a pair of heeled boots for winter, try a platform heel instead. You’ll still get the look, with a decreased risk of injury.*

Dollface boots

These Dollface Boots, also from Nine West make a major statement. They’re a great way to add a little colour to your outfit, which is especially helpful during the winter months because for some reason the fact that it gets dark earlier means that our clothes also get darker… Anyway, again the suede will keep your toes toasty and the inside zipper is super helpful in those “I was supposed to be there an hour ago” situations.

Esta boots Aldo

Who says you can’t make a statement in flats? These Esta boots from Aldo Shoes combine the best of both worlds. Not only are the ruffles super-flattering, they help to give the boots that extra bit of pizazz. The lining makes it comfortable, and the rubber sole will definitely make walking easier, bring on trekking through the icy parking lots of every mall in town (the post-holiday sales are totally worth it).

Dopler boots

The thing I love about these Dopler boots, once again from Nine West, is that they can easily be dressed up and worn out at night, but they work just as well for everyday looks. Ankle boots are one of the trendiest things right now, and pairing them with your favourite looks is almost never a wrong move. The leather can be easily protected from harsh winter weather, which is important if you live in an area where you’re way  past too-familiar with snowstorms.

Shoes, I believe, are an investment. They can make or break your outfit, and they let you take your outfits from day to night. Let me know which of these styles is your #bootgoals by reaching out to me on social media, and for any questions feel free to email me (the information is on the “Contact Me” page).

That’s all for now!






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